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yobo体育app_史丹利电器赛缩短为两轮 石昱婷迎日巡夺冠良机
发布时间:2021-10-05 06:18:02

On October 11, Beijing time, due to the approach of Typhoon No. 14, the weather was too bad, and the stadium was heavily watered, the Stanley Electric Women’s Golf Tournament (total prize money of 100 million yen, championship prize money of 18 million yen) was forced to shorten from three rounds to two. Round, the bonus will be distributed at 75%.


   Due to the shortening of the competition, the elimination line is also determined according to the results of one round instead of two rounds. However, originally only the top 50 players could advance to the final round, now it is changed to the top 60.


   After the first round of the Stanley Electric Women's Golf Tournament, a total of 7 players led by 71, one under par. It became the game with the largest number of leaders since the 1990 Women’s Day Tour record entered the final round.


Due to the first round, Shizuoka Prefecture Tomei Country Club (6572 yards, par 72) had very bad playing conditions, and the leaderboard was actually very crowded. Shi Yuting shot 73, only 2 shots behind, but he was already tied for the first place. 14 bits. For her, Sunday is definitely a good opportunity to win the first championship of the Women's Japanese Tour.

由于第一轮比赛,静冈县东名乡村俱乐部(6572码,标准杆72杆)的比赛条件非常糟糕,排行榜实际上非常拥挤。史玉婷出手73杆,仅落后2杆,但他已经并列第一。 14位。对她来说,周日绝对是赢得日本女子巡回赛首个冠军的好机会。

"Indeed, I am in a good position. Tomorrow I will start in the same group with Shin Jiae and the defending champion Ah-Reum Hwang. I am really looking forward to it," Shi Yuting said. "It's only 2 shots away from the leader and it becomes After two days of competition, there must be many possibilities, not just for me. You see that there are as many as 7 leaders, and the scores of the dozens and 20s are very close. I think everyone has a great opportunity. The key is to see who plays well on the spot and wins this event in the end. I must adjust my state and see what the result will be tomorrow."

史玉婷说:“的确,我处于良好的位置。明天,我将与申智杰和卫冕冠军黄仁勋在同一小组开始比赛。我真的很期待。” “离领先者只有两杆,经过两天的比赛,肯定有很多可能性,而不仅仅是对我来说。你会看到有多达七名领导者,而且几十和二十的得分非常高结束。我认为每个人都有很大的机会。关键是看谁在现场表现出色,最终赢得这场比赛。我必须调整自己的状态,看看明天的结果。”

   Typhoon days, all kinds of weather must be prepared. But at least Shi Yuting has already experienced the first round of hard work, so she has a psychological foundation.


Shi Yuting recalled the first round and said: "Yesterday the weather was very bad, and the whole process was very windy. How strong was the wind? I remember there was a 135-yard par-3 hole. I wanted to tee off with a 5 iron against the wind. It feels like adding 3 and 4. If I attack the green from 160 yards and encounter strong winds, I need a three-wood to attack.


"Moreover, the rain has always been moderate to heavy rain, back and forth without stopping. In addition, the temperature suddenly dropped. Japanese news broadcasts also said that yesterday, including today, the last few days are basically the same as in mid-November. Temperature. Yesterday's body temperature, I think it was about 10 to 13 degrees.

“此外,降雨一直是中到大雨,来回不停。此外,气温突然下降。日本新闻广播也说,昨天,包括今天在内,最近几天与中旬基本相同。 11月的温度。昨天的体温,我认为大约是10到13度。

"To be honest, I'm quite satisfied with yesterday's performance. In such bad weather, it is no longer the kind of forward and more bird-catching of regular games. Yesterday's game is completely stronger than who has the willpower and who is more patient. ."


  Of course, Shi Yuting is not the only one looking forward to making a breakthrough on Sunday and achieving her first women's Japanese Tour Championship. Among the 7 leaders, Miyata Chenghua, Shinkai Miyu, Yamashita Miyuyou, Hamada Moyu did not win the tour.


   In addition, Chinese Taipei player Lu Xiaoqing is only one shot behind and tied for eighth place. Of course, her championship experience is quite rich.


   It's only a pity that Lu Wan shot 81 in the first round and has already been eliminated.




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